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SockShoes are designed for EVERYWHERE and EVERY ACTIVITY. The concept is centered around embracing your relaxed, snug persona regardless of the location. Below are various settings and activities where patrons utilize SockShoes:

-Daily commuting
-Handling day-to-day tasks
-Shopping for groceries
-Taking the dog for a stroll
-Exercising in the fitness center
-Slipping into them for comfort during work hours

And a plethora of other uses!

SockShoes boast a remarkable puncture-resistant feature.

Every SockShoe is equipped with a special 2-5 mm outsole at the base, designed to ward off foot-damaging elements. However, it’s still wise to tread carefully and be mindful of where you step!

Rest assured!

The rubber sole of SockShoes extends over your toes, providing protection so that if you happen to stub them, you won’t feel any pain.

SockShoes are conveniently machine washable! If they begin to emit an odor, simply give them a wash.

Step 1: Place your SockShoes in a delicate bag and put it in the washing machine.
Step 2: Opt for cold water and a water-based detergent (avoid bleach).
Step 3: Allow your shoes to air dry – avoid using a dryer.

As another option, wearing breathable socks with your SockShoes can also aid in preventing unpleasant smells.

Regrettably, we can only accept unworn pairs for hygienic reasons. Sock shoes share a similarity with underwear in this regard – they are worn directly on your skin, which produces sweat, and as you walk on the floor, sock shoes come into direct contact with dirt. General hygiene guidelines make it impossible for us to accept worn pieces of clothing due to these factors.

To avoid this issue, please ensure that you try on your sock shoes with socks and on a completely clean surface.

No, we engineered them for durability. The bottom material is highly resistant to abrasion. The knitting is seamless, and there’s no glue or other adhesives that could come apart. In simple terms, there’s nothing that can break; you can only wear them out.

To enhance your comfort and maintain a fresher feel for a longer duration, we suggest pairing thin ankle socks with your sockshoes. Nevertheless, the choice is entirely yours; both options are equally effective. Feel free to decide based on your personal preference.

Free shipping on orders of two or more pairs.

Delivery times:
USA – 6 to 14 business days for delivery.
Canada, Australia, and Europe – 1 to 2 weeks for delivery.
Others Countries – 1 to 3 weeks for delivery.

We have an iron-clad, risk-free 7-day guarantee that begins only when you receive your SockShoes!

All returns and exchanges are accepted for unworn SockShoes within 7 days of you receiving your order. Full refund and with free return shipping for a limited time.

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